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Specialty Services

Paper Products

HCS can supply your business everything it needs to operate on a daily basis.  Should you need hand towels, sanitizers or Kleenex, HCS can help.  Click here for a list of products that we carry.

Drain Treatment

HCS offers a weekly drain treatment service that assists in neutralizing odors and eliminating fruit flies that emanate from your floor drains in your kitchen, bar and other problem areas of your business.  Contact HCS for details.

Feminine Hygiene Services

The outside of a sanitary napkin receptacle is the most contaminated hot spot in a women's restroom.  Protect your clients and staff by having HCS provide a feminine hygiene service that provides a clean and sanitized receptacle bin for your business on a regular schedule.  Contact HCS for details.

Entrance Mat Cleaning

Entrance matting is always a problem to keep clean.  Ask HCS about our replacement mat program today.   Company logos are also available for your mats.

Automated Restroom Systems

Technology has come a long way in the restroom.  From motion detection flush systems for toilets and urinals to automated soap dispensing systems, HCS can assist you in automating your facilities.  Call HCS for details.

Hood Cleaning

Finding a certified and reliable service company to clean your kitchen hoods is always a chore.  Let HCS help you.  Call today for more information.

High Pressure Cleaning

Is the sidewalk outside your business stained and full of old chewing gum?  Is your garbage storage area starting to smell and scaring off your customers?  Let HCS assist you with cleaning these problem areas and more.  Contact HCS for a quote today.

Graffiti Removal

Whether it's in your restrooms or on the outside of your building, graffiti has always been a nuisance for public access areas.  Let HCS help you tidy it up.  Contact HCS for details.

Kitchen Deep Cleaning

If you brought your customers into your commercial kitchen, would they still want to dine in your establishment? Let HCS clean your kitchen and you'll be proud to show it off.  Contact HCS for details.

Front Entrance/Bar Cleaning

HCS does more that just deep cleaning the floors in your restrooms.  We can also deep clean the tile & grout in your reception area, front entrance and even behind the bar.
Let your customers have a great first impression of your business. Call HCS today to learn more

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Our bar area was musty and attracting fruit flies...Hygiene Consulting Solutions solved both problems.

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