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Floor Care & Maintenance

HCS is built on a foundation of integrity and reliability, with a quality service ethic. Charged with a passion for excellence and a desire to improve our way of life, HCS will deliver a professional, environmentally friendly, effective, efficient and affordable maintenance program.

At HCS we follow the SHEA principle when it comes to cleaning, which focuses on Safety, Health, Environment and Appearance. It is our belief that facilities are better served using flooring applications that do not require the constant need to be stripped, sealed and waxed. These products are harmful to human health and eventually end up back in our water system. Although the Green Building Council is helping building designers, architects and owners to develop new sustainable buildings, many older buildings still have flooring that require the stripping and waxing procedures to maintain their beauty. That being said, HCS will ensure we use only those products that are recognized as being safe to human health and not harmful to the environment.

HCS maintains the floors of stunning corporate lobbies, busy apartment building foyers, high traffic cafeterias and all kinds of businesses large and small

Let us do the same for you. Our sustainable cleaning methods, floor care techniques and commercial floor waxes and supplies will exceed your high standards of health, environmental friendliness, cleanliness and overall floor appearance. Contact us today for a Floor Care & Maintenance Quote.

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HCS does our restroom cleaning along with providing our paper products...great company!

local restaurant owner

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