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As public spaces continue to reopen in Ontario, many of us will soon be returning to the office. With lockdown almost over, it doesn't mean that the COVID-19 pandemic has disappeared or stopped its spread. As an office manager or business owner, now is the time to be proactive in hiring professional cleaning services that help protect clients and employees, and lower the risk of spread on your commercial property.

Ontario’s Covid-19 Cleaning Guidelines

At the beginning of May, the Ontario government laid out a list of strict guidelines for maintaining proper hygiene in public spaces, such as offices. Commercial property cleaning is not only common sense, it's mandatory! As businesses reopen, the government will be following up to make sure that these hygiene standards are met. Click here to explore Ontario's COVID-19 cleaning guidelines by sector.

HCS Goes Above and Beyond COVID-19 Office Cleaning Guidelines

HCS has been providing commercial cleaning services in Oakville, Burlington and the Golden Horseshoe since 2005. During the course of the pandemic, our team of professional commercial cleaners has remained on the frontlines, helping essential businesses flatten the curve by offering meticulous janitorial services.

HCS regular cleaning is not just a light dusting. When cleaning offices, we use powerful commercial disinfectants and microfibre towels. This method cleans all surfaces (especially high-touch surfaces), removes dust completely, and helps eliminate static that attracts additional dust and germs. HCS then finishes with a disinfectant that protects your commercial property until our next visit.  We do this to protect our clients and staff from the spread of germs around their offices and reduce staff downtime.

Office cleaning services during COVID-19 are on every employee's mind. We are taking a serious stand. Before locking the doors our staff will walk around the areas they service and wipe every door handle, door push plate and light switch down thoroughly. These high-touch surfaces are often the source of COVID-19 spread.


Concerned Your Office May Have Been Affected By COVID-19? HCS Electrostatic Disinfection Offers the Highest Level of Office Cleaning

When there's concern that someone at your office may have been exposed to COVID-19, we take a more aggressive approach to office cleaning to protect you further. Our HCS 360° PLUS Electrostatic Disinfection provides a deep office cleaning to prevent any further spread of COVID-19. We start by sanitizing the exterior surface of every piece of furniture, high-touch surfaces like staplers, photocopiers, walls from 30"-54", chairs, doors and door frames and don't stop until we're positive that every area has been disinfected.

Protect your staff and give everyone peace of mind, knowing their workplace has been thoroughly cleaned and professionally sanitized.

To take advantage of the best commercial cleaning services in Oakville, Burlington, and the Golden Horseshoe, contact us today.

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