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Restroom Hygiene Maintenance Program

Hygiene Consulting Solutions (HCS) are restroom cleaning specialists.

Restrooms bring in the most complaints from building occupants. That alone tells us that there is a problem with restroom cleaning. But there's more. Even though restrooms are clearly not being cleaned effectively, somehow, they are still costing more to maintain than any other room. Restrooms gobble up 60 percent of all supplies in a building, and they present the greatest risk for slip-and-fall accidents.

Our restroom hygiene program focuses on disease prevention and odor control. Unlike traditional mop & bucket cleaningwe don't spread odor causing bacteria, we remove it.

HCS's deep cleaning process involves applying cleaning solution to the entire area followed by a complete high-pressure rinse. This rinse blasts stubborn soils and bacteria out of grout lines, cracks, and crevices, sending the soiled solution to the floor where it is then vacuumed up. Restrooms are left clean, dry, and safe to immediately return to use.

Our process can be used in many areas in need of special cleaning and combining HCS's deep cleaning with a comprehensive restroom program insures that your facilities, customers & employees are being protected.

HCS also offers paper products, soaps, sanitizers and feminine hygiene solutions to meet your consumable needs. Click here to download our restroom cleaning brochure.

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Restroom Hygiene Maintenance Program

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HCS does our restroom cleaning along with providing our paper products...great company!

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