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Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning: HCS's Deep Cleaning process includes:

  • Deep Clean/Sanitize Sinks and Fixtures
  • Deep Clean/Sanitize Toilets and Urinals
  • Deep Clean Floors and Walls (including grout lines)
  • Clean Mirrors and Bright Work
  • Clean/Dust Vents and Partitions
  • Clean/Sanitize Light Switches & Door Handles
  • Clean/Sanitize Baby Changing Stations
  • Clean/Polish Kick plates and Handrails
  • Clean Drain/Apply Live Enzymes
  • Check/Install Fresh Urinal Screens and Air Fresheners (Additional $)

What Our Clients are Saying

HCS came into our facility and changed the way we look at our restrooms. They cleaned everything from the grout to under the urinals...not to mentioned the power washing system.....Thank you HCS

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