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Maintenance Cleaning

HCS's maintenance program is a weekly service that allows us to ensure that your restrooms are being taken care of.

HCS goes beyond your current cleaning service, wether you're using a janitorial service or doing it yourself.  Most cleaners jsut provide a quick surface clean only...HCS gets the top, bottom and middle. 

Weekly Maintenance: HCS's Weekly Hygiene Maintenance process includes:

  • Clean/Sanitize Sinks and Fixtures
  • Clean/Sanitize Toilets and Urinals
  • Clean Mirrors
  • Clean/Sanitize Countertops
  • Clean/Sanitize Baby Changing Stations
  • Clean Drain/Apply Live Enzymes
  • Check/Install Fresh Urinal Screens and Air Fresheners (Addidtional $)

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What Our Clients are Saying

"We always take pride in caring for our restrooms daily. HCS showed us that they could be even cleaner than what we had been. We were so impressed with the service demo... we signed with them right away."

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